Liposuction Abdomen Support Board


Maria Fajas

Ref: TQ100


For use after liposuction and abdominal surgeries such as tummy tucks and C-sections.

The post-surgical boards are highly recommended. You may ask yourself, “Why should I wear a control accessory after my surgery?”. Well, it exerts the pressure necessary to avoid fibrosis or bruise after abdominal plastic surgery, it flattens everything out while maintaining comfort over the healing area, ensuring an even pressure for improved comfort and faster healing.

Lipo foam pads also help boost skin retraction during your recovery. Boards are necessary in preventing bruises, controlling swelling, preventing wrinkling & enhancing skin retraction. It will also help prevent your skin from wrinkling or becoming agitated by compression garments.

Garment Description

· Prevents compression garments from rubbing against your agitated skin post-surgery
· Adheres the skin to the muscle
· Protects you from getting fibrosis and skin marks
· Board creates a soft barrier between garments and skin
· Maintain a flat abdomen & reduce the pain
· This board is covered in cotton, which provides comfort and helps to absorb perspiration
· Imported From & Manufactured 100% In Colombia

Care instructions

Hand Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Use Mild Soap, Do Not Dry Clean, & Do Not Iron.





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Liposuction Abdomen Support Board